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At Maun-Lemke Speaking and Consulting, LLC, we’re Changing the Results of Healthcare. Whether we're speaking, consulting, conducting surveys or mystery shopping, our goal is to meet our customers’ needs, provide strategies to overcome their ‘pain’ issues and elevate the quality of our profession, i.e. improving healthcare outcomes. We are strongly committed to helping healthcare organizations world-wide to drive effective, sustainable Revenue Enhancement programs that help to generate the funding they need to provide world-class healthcare for their patients and residents. Learn how we can help your organization today!

Your A.R.M.S. Length Mentors

Clint Maun, CSP

Maun-Lemke President and Senior Partner

Clint Maun, CSPClint Maun is nationally recognized for his innovative expertise in healthcare consulting, speaking and research. He is one of a select few to receive the CSP designation of distinction, Certified Speaking Professional, from the National Speakers Association.

As co-founder of Maun-Lemke Speaking and Consulting, LLC, Clint's entire career experience has been in healthcare operations, management, leadership, quality enhancement and self-development programs. His unique combination of Missouri farm background and educational study in psychology focused in the healthcare profession lets you know he's been there when you hear his humorous stories, examples and learning lessons.

Clint's acclaimed leadership process has been successfully implemented in small and multi-facility businesses nationwide. His visions, ideas, techniques and innovative solutions are currently at work in thousands of organizations throughout the country.

Since 1984, Clint has concentrated on changing the results of healthcare and improving the people business of our profession. He consults and speaks on a diverse range of critical challenges facing healthcare, from revenue and marketing strategies to service excellence, as well as optimizing employee effectiveness. Clint's strength is optimizing organizational effectiveness with programs targeted to the 3 "C's" of healthcare: Customers, Coworkers and Collaboration.

Clint has the proven ability to motivate individuals to positive action and implement results-oriented change. Clint's dedication to our profession is evident as he brings advocacy for positive self-esteem and motivation to a new level. His free daily audio podcasts, available on www.clintcast.com, have gained a loyal, global audience for a daily dose of Clint.

Cheryl Boldt, RN, LNHA

Senior Consultant

Cheryl Boldt, RN, LNHACheryl Boldt is a Registered Nurse and Licensed Nursing Home Administrator with over 40 enjoyable years of experience in frontline and leadership roles in healthcare. She developed her passion for healthcare at a young age by working as a volunteer at her hometown nursing home and hospital. She feels fortunate to have had many personal and professional role models throughout her career.

Cheryl has worked in front-line and leadership roles in Acute Care and Long Term Care settings. She started her career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. After becoming a Registered Nurse, her Acute Care experience included Intensive Care and Rehabilitation Unit Nursing and she was the Nurse Coordinator of the Cardio-Pulmonary Department. In Long Term Care, Cheryl has worked as a Charge Nurse, MDS Nurse, Director of Nursing, Sub-Acute Administrator and Admissions Coordinator. For the last decade Cheryl has worked with Maun-Lemke as a Senior Consultant and speaker and has expertise in a variety of areas including Nursing Leadership, Revenue Enhancement, Quality Improvement and Employee Retention.

Cheryl has a proven track record of working with front-line teams nationwide in a variety of healthcare settings to help those teams achieve their organizational improvement goals.

Ken Lund


Ken Lund Kenneth Lund is recognized as a visionary leader and national expert in post-acute healthcare.

With a career-long legacy of building profitable models of care in dynamic healthcare settings, Ken Lund has delivered innovative, family-centered care and accountability that has shifted the corporate culture from a service provider to a trusted adviser philosophy in the first ever full-continuum post-acute healthcare model in the United States. Benefits to this model include higher revenues, lower costs and, most importantly, care that leads to lower mortality, lower readmissions, lower average stays while boasting substantial reduced costs.

The cornerstone of Ken’s management philosophy is his unwavering dedication to patients and their families—delivered with humility and service that has been compared to Nordstrom’s famous service ethic.

Complementing Ken’s highly popular authentic leadership style is his deep understanding of the complexities of the administration, funding and interconnectivity of the dual eligibility framework within the Medicare and Medicaid systems in service to his clients and their patients.

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